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Baja California

15 February

Baja California is a popular destination in Mexico for those from California since it is located only an hour away from San Diego. It is home to beautiful waters and delicious foods. Baja California is the perfect spot if you want to eat delicious fish tacos, sip on your cocktail, and watch the gorgeous sunset. If you prefer to surf in the waves, then you can easily rent out boards and spend your time in the water.

Baja California is an incredible location due to the many resorts, the adorable shops, the little villages, and the fish camps present. Wine tasting is also a popular activity for tourists with L.A Cetto being Mexico’s biggest wine exporter. It is a gorgeous and relaxing beach state in the northern part of Mexico. Anyone spending time in one of the cities here will be having a great time, forgetting about their little worries. There are many tours available for your different interests, between whale watching, wine tasting,  street food tasting, and other activities.

Lohman Helicopter Tours offers a tour of the city in a mostly-glass helicopter, giving you a beautiful view of the state. Depending on your touring interests, we can help you reserve tours, recommend the best activities and lodging. We keep your interests in mind as we organize a tour suitable for you and your guests. Whether you want to spend an hour over the state, looking down at the city, or stop at popular destinations allowing you to visit the state in a new way, we’ve got you covered.



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