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San Diego

22 February

San Diego is an incredible and beautiful city. A drive through San Diego will prove this to anyone. We have gorgeous surfing beaches from Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, or La Jolla and wonderful greenery from Del Mar to Torrey Pines. Whether you currently live in San Diego or are just visiting, a helicopter ride above Sunny San Diego will give you a new appreciation of this city.

Whether you only have 15 minutes or can spend an hour in the air, helicopter rides give you an aerial view that you would not be able to normally experience. In addition, visitors may love to use the opportunity to tour the city before walking around the city. A tour in the air allows you to look at the different neighborhoods and give you an idea of where everything is. If you notice you’re attracted to the forests present, consider taking a hike in the city during your stay. If those crashing waves look like a blast, rent out a surfboard and get in the water.

San Diego is a great city due to the variety of things to do, the lands, and the people present. No matter your interests, you will find something about San Diego you’ll love. Even those born and raised in the city will enjoy the ride. You may also customize the trip to see what you want. If you’d rather use the opportunity to fly above potential property purchasing options, then let us know and we’ll do just that.

We also can’t forget about the photographers. A helicopter ride provides the chance to capture new angles of your favorite locations. Due to the mostly glass layout of the helicopter, you may also get 360-degree pictures and videos of the city. If San Diego wasn’t amazing enough before, the memories and pictures you get will certainly remind you.



San Diego

22 February

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