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Wine Tasting Temecula

8 February

Temecula is known for its field of grapes and its many wineries. Many look for a getaway to Temecula to go wine tasting in this city. Just an hour away from San Diego, a drive up can make for a fun weekend with your friends. A helicopter ride to Temecula with Lohman Helicopter Tours is also possible, and they’ll give you an aerial tour of the city and drop you off.

Temecula Valley is known to be SoCal’s wine country, so it’s no surprise there are a few dozen wineries with award-winning options. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed with the many options the city has to offer, guided tours to multiple locations is a great option for you. The tour guides provide great insight into the history of the city, the process of getting the grapes from the fields to that delicious wine taste, and a great time. Many available tours offer options for couples are large events, meaning everyone will find something they love.

Whether you prefer to stay in one winery and discover their options there or prefer to taste the top-rated wines from different wineries, there are options for you. There are also many places offering discounts if you decide to make it a day trip during the weekdays. So if you’d prefer to request a day off work to bring your significant wine tasting, then you’re in luck with some great deals.¬†Due to its large amounts of visitors each week gathering for these tastings, Temecula is home to great restaurants and lodging as well.

Temecula will not disappoint the wine lovers. The city is calm and beautiful, you’ll be surrounded by nature wherever you go. A tour through the wineries is a fun time for everyone, but a helicopter tour through wine tasting Temecula is a great option as well to view the many fields and wineries across the city.



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Wine Tasting Temecula

8 February


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